MirrorLink Navigation

Sygic Car Navigation app for your smartphone and your car’s built-in infotainment system

Sygic Car Navigation is The World’s Most Installed Offline Navigation App, Optimized for In-Dash Receivers. It is a MirrorLink® app specially optimized to work with car’s built-in in-dash infotainment system and dashboard / steering-wheel buttons. Sygic Car Navigation runs on any MirrorLink® enabled Android device and seamlessly connects with car’s integrated dashboard system via MirrorLink®. Just connect your phone to the car with a USB cable and you are ready to drive. Sygic Car Navigation works either in a standalone mode, or in Car Connected Mode where the screen of the smartphone is mirrored to the head unit display.

About Sygic Car Navigation

Sygic Car Navigation guides driver to his destination with accurate directions and reliable routing. High-quality offline maps work everywhere, anytime. Internet connection isn’t required. Easily find where to eat or stay with powerful search and millions of points-of-interest (POIs). Get new map updates for free, multiple times per year. Always at hand and up-to-date on drivers smartphone and in a car.

What Is MirrorLink

Technology that enables connection between car’s built-in dashboard screen and your smartphone

How It Works

Sygic Car Navigation is specially optimized to work with your car’s in-dash infotainment system

How To Get Navigation

Download Sygic Car Navigation app to your smartphone via Google Play store

Features & Benefits

Every navigation feature you would ever need on a car's built-in infotainment screen

Live Services

Up to date Traffic service and largest mobile Speed Camera database on your car's screen